Paree Fashion strives to ensure that every product you purchase is of the highest quality through stringent quality checks.

Return is considered only on the basis of size mismatch; we will be happy to replace them within 5 days of purchase on presentation of the original bill. However, the communication is to be done to us within 24 hours of receipt of the product. Please send an email to

All products should be returned in unused, undamaged, unwashed and in saleable condition, should be retained in its original packaging with any label or seal intact. Accessories and gifts (if any) given with the product shall also be returned.

The product will be replaced with correct size of the customer (if available) or credit note is issued for one-time use and is valid for 1.5 months. Cash refunds shall not be entertained.

Management reserves the right to accept or reject the return of products request.

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